Fetal Stem Cells provide
all due variety of cells needed for the human body.

Transplanted Fetal Stem Cells do the same – 
they provide and replenish all kinds of cells
lacking or failing in due cell variety of the human body.

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"This research has the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life". Harold Varmus, Director of NIH, 1998.

EmCell-International - Alexey Karpenko site

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I am very happy to welcome you at my website!

Two decades ago EmCell created the world’s first safe and efficient technology for clinical use of Fetal Stem Cell Transplantations.

During about twenty years we have treated great variety of diseases and explored the potency of Fetal Ctem Cells.

Top knowledge, patents and the largest clinical experience of Fetal Stem Cells application are today at us in EmCell.

After about 7000 clinical Fetal Stem Cell Transplantations at EmCell we know for sure – it is not a magic bullet – it is a sophisticated and mighty clinical method with own advantages and limitations.

Fetal Stem Cell Transplantations and EmCell Therapy may be new for you. My site is the right place to get aware about clinical use of Fetal Stem Cell Transplantations.

Let me provide you with some knowledge. My aim is to educate you and explain, why Fetal stem cells are the best option for treatment among other human stem cells.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Ask your questions to achieve a clear vision. Consult with me and our EmCell team.

Attract your doctor for cooperation.

Come with confidence.

You may print out a booklet for your convenience.

Prof. Alexey Karpenko, MD., Doctor of Medical Science

EmCell co-founder and scientific director.